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Why It’s So Hard to Admit You Need Help

Nothing is achievable without help; and when I talk about help, it is not limited to actually meeting someone. The term also involves searching online, browsing and even sources of inspiration. That person or thing has provided knowledge that helps you achieve something.

How often do you tell yourself that you are going to try or learn something new just for nothing to happen? This could be caused by different things like being too busy, not being consistent or expecting instant results.

However, the challenges can also be easily corrected with the right steps which include: good time management, setting daily goals, milestones and steadily getting things done.

This generation has evolved to make things easier, but most people still find it hard to admit that they need help. Why is that?

Below are some reasons why people find it hard to seek help.


Failure is defined as the lack of success; the inability to get the results you hope for. As adults, we all know that failure is inevitable, accepting the fact that you can’t always meet your objective doesn’t get any easier. Most at times, the reason why we are afraid to try out things is because of the fear of failure. Failure is something that can keep you down if you let it. 

There’s a lot of quotes and books on failure, perseverance, determination and commitment, that it gets harder to know when exactly you should give up, and when to continue trying. A lot of times, people avoid trying something out because of a bad experience they had with that particular thing, and it’s understandable. But avoiding failure, or letting it kick you down will definitely limit you.

Here’s some things you can do to slowly overcome failure, and the Fear of it.
  • Try again
  • Find someone who can
  • Be persistent!
  • Keep track of your goals


Fear paralyses you and creates doubts in your mind. You start second guessing, and believing that your fear is so great and it ends up limiting your opportunities. With that established, what exactly is the connection between fear and seeking help?

Fear stops you from asking for help because you wonder what the reaction of people would be and if it makes you a lesser person. It’s no secret that most people deal with approval addiction, and this also holds us back.

You might make mistakes, and its human to do so. Don’t beat yourself up because of things that are inevitable. Instead, make the decision to improve on yourself. It is your life and you have control over what happens to you and the choices you make. 


When actually is the right time to do or say something? In life, time moves even when we do nothing. While you spend time over thinking or pushing things backward, time continues moving. You might tell yourself that you will finally ask for help, but the person might end up being busy, which leads to the later.

While it is good to be patient in certain situations, sometimes patience is used as an excuse to stay in your comfort zone and keep thinking that you’ve tried all that you can.

Self Doubt

When does being cautious become too much? Self doubt is one of the best restraint. It keeps you rooted at the same spot and afraid to make a move. But once you finally overcome self doubt, you will find yourself accomplishing things you didn’t think would be possible. In order to push yourself beyond your limits, you need to take on tasks that you have never done before. Granted, it will be hard, but it is better than being stagnant and you might end up rediscovering your passion. Staying in your comfort zone is comfortable, but stepping out of it will help you achieve your dreams. You can start by listing out the things that stop you, and take a little step forward. 

Human beings naturally fear the unknown and find it hard to accept something that seems foreign. We find it easier to stay uninspired than to embrace risk taking and ambiguity. You might think that what you’re currently doing is paying off, but the known is bland and boring. While being bold enough to actually challenge yourself and actually ask for help doesn’t guarantee success, it will be a stepping stone you need.

Your weakness could be the fact that you’re easily distracted or even over confidence. It is important to identify your weaknesses and limits. Once it is known, you are a bit closer to overcoming it. Compare your weaknesses and your strengths and find your limit.